From the Ground Up (Part 2): Immigration Law Basics

HarvardFROM THE GROUND UP: IMMIGRATION LAW BASICS, PART TWO OF A SERIES PRESENTED BY GREENBERG TRAURIG | Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, Room WCC B015 | 12:00 pm, November 3, 2015 | Entrepreneurs and lawyers working with start-ups face unique challenges in launching, building and managing their business. Join lawyers from Greenberg Traurig for a two-part seminar covering key legal issues for entrepreneurs and lawyers, including IP, corporate, and immigration. The second lunch session, scheduled for November 3rd, will address: understanding how immigration laws impact you.  Non-pizza lunch will be served. Panelists include Ali Brodie, Business Immigration & Compliance Group; and Kate Kalmykov, Business Immigration & Compliance Group. The Clinic is pleased to present this event in association with Greenberg Traurig and the Harvard Law Entrepreneurship Project.

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