Andy Sellars and Chris Bavitz on BBA Copyright Panel

BBAHOT TOPICS IN COPYRIGHT LAW: CONTENT CREATION AND DISTRIBUTION AND THE PROSPECTS FOR COPYRIGHT REFORM | Boston Bar Association, Boston, MA | June 10, 2015 | Clinical Fellow Andy Sellars and the Clinic’s Managing Director, Chris Bavitz, will join Dave Herlihy of Herlihy Law and Northeastern University for a conversation about copyright law hosted by the Boston Bar Association‘s Art, Entertainment and Sports Law Committee. The panel discussion will focus on the state of copyright law, existing legal regimes governing the creation and distribution of content, and the prospects for copyright reform. The panelists will focus their attention on music, talking about protections for musical compositions and sound recordings, compulsory vs. market-based approaches to licensing, the roles of various institutional players in the music industry (including publishers, labels, and performance rights organizations), and the scope of the fair use doctrine. The panel will also address broader concerns in the copyright and content licensing landscape, including questions about the nature of authorship and transformative works in the visual arts context.

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