SXSW Music: Rights Management and Collective Licensing Organizations

SXSW MUSIC 2015:  RIGHTS MANAGEMENT AND COLLECTIVE LICENSING ORGANIZATIONS | Austin Convention Center, Room 10A | March 19, 2015, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm | As more creators and independent entities control music rights, and as more digital services need rights to distribute music, one might expect intermediaries to play a major role in the licensing of compositions and recordings. But technology has enabled rights owners and licensees to bring in-house expertise required to manage licensing and payment of royalties. With publishers threatening to pull repertoire from PROs, and services like SiriusXM threatening to circumvent SoundExchange, the future of these kinds of organizations is unclear. Clinic Managing Director Chris Bavitz will moderate a panel featuring Allen Bargfrede of Berklee College of Music and Rethink Music, Åsa Carild of STIM, and Christine Pepe of ASCAP, seeking to analyze the state of rights management and collective licensing organizations and their role in the licensing landscape.

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