Taking on the Take-Down Notice

TAKING ON THE TAKE-DOWN NOTICE: COPYRIGHT, YOUTH & EDUCATORS IN HARMONY | NYU School of Law, New York, NY | October 29, 2013 | Cyberlaw Clinic Managing Director Chris Bavitz will participate in this event on Tuesday, October 29, 2013, which marks the launch of the “Media Breaker” tool by the Learning About Multimedia Project (“LAMP”).  The event features a panel of New York high school, college, and graduate school students, who will address questions about digital rights in a discussion moderated by NYU Law professor Christopher Sprigman. Chris will appear on a panel alongside NYU Professor of Law Jeanne FromerElisa Kreisinger, Artist-in-Residence at the Eyebeam Art+Technology CenterJill Lesser of the Center for Copyright Information; and Gigi Sohn of Public Knolwedge. Moderated by Dr. Katherine Fry of Brooklyn College and LAMP, the panel will “tackle challenging questions around how media can–and must–be part of the future of education.”

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