Information for Potential Clients

Client Intake Questionnaire


    The purpose of any preliminary communications between yourself and the Cyberlaw Clinic is to determine whether the Cyberlaw Clinic can provide you with assistance for your legal needs and to check if the Cyberlaw Clinic has any conflicts-of-interests.

    (1) Submitting this form does not create an attorney-client relationship or constitute a promise from the clinic, or any of the Clinic’s attorneys, to perform legal services for you or your organization.

    (2) Any information you include on this form will NOT be treated as privileged or confidential by the CLINIC, and your submission of this information to the Clinic will not prevent the Cyberlaw Clinic from representing someone else in the matter.

    (3) You are under no obligation to retain the services of the Cyberlaw Clinic or any attorney(s) that the Clinic refers you to and you are free to seek legal assistance from any other source.

    (4) The Cyberlaw Clinic cannot guarantee that it will be able to represent you, refer you to another attorney, or otherwise secure legal representation for you.

    (5) In the event of a referral, the Cyberlaw Clinic does not make any representations or guarantees about the quality of legal assistance that any attorneys or others outside the Cyberlaw Clinic may provide or the outcome of any referral. If a referral is made, you will be represented by the referred attorney, not the Cyberlaw Clinic.