Information for Prospective Students

Harvard Law School students may enroll in the Cyberlaw Clinic during the fall, winter, or spring terms. Enrolled students are not employees of the Clinic but, rather, work under the supervision of practicing attorneys for course credit on matters relating to law and technology. The clinical experience is focused both on client service and on pedagogy, as students are trained and mentored by their clinical supervisors.

Students may register for the Cyberlaw Clinic during the fall or spring for three, four, or five credits or the winter for two credits.  The Clinic strongly encourages students to enroll for four credits during the fall and spring to ensure the fullest experience, but three-credit enrollments are acceptable if that is all that a student’s schedule will allow.  Students must work an average of four hours per week, per credit for which they are enrolled.  Please contact Cyberlaw Clinic staff if you have any questions about credits and expected time commitments.

Students enrolling in the clinic for the first time must also concurrently enroll in the Cyberlaw Clinic Seminar, a two-credit course aimed at enhancing the practice skills of clinic students while informing them on the substantive legal issues that make up the Clinic practice.

Harvard Law School is committed to the full inclusion of students with disabilities in the life of the University. Students requesting accessibility resources or accommodations in any of HLS’s Clinical and Pro Bono Programs may work with Accessibility Services in the Dean of Students Office. If you are a student with a documented disability and you are requesting accommodations, please contact HLS Accessibility Services to discuss and register for accommodations.