EFF Successfully Challenges Key Claims in “Podcasting Patent”

Podcast_1As we reported way back in October 2013, the Cyberlaw Clinic was pleased to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation in its challenge to the so-called “podcasting patent,” claimed by Personal Audio LLC. EFF sought inter partes review of key claims in the patent — patent number 8,112,504 (a/k/a the “‘504 patent”) — before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. On Friday, April 10, 2015, the USPTO issued its decision invalidating those claims. In the words of Dan Nazer, who holds the Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents at EFF, “We’re glad the Patent Office recognized what we all knew: ‘podcasting’ had been around for many years and this company does not own it.”  Congratulations to EFF and podcasters everywhere!

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Tim Wilson, pursuant to a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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